Natural Curiosity & LSF Workshop

The workshop was a two day event filled with rich conversations about what inquiry is, obstacles to overcome, the richness of its approach, and systemic issues of the conventional teaching approach.

It was a great experience to be involved in collaborative group work. The way that the workshop was laid out was exactly how you would start with an inquiry. The workshop shifted as the group did with the questions that were built. The workshop presenters recognized the need to move with the groups interest and knowledge and made the workshop focus on where the questions were taking us.

We got to experience nature based learning as we explored the beautiful campus at Royal Roads University. As we know a lot of approach to inquiry over lap just like any cross curricular approaches as well. Play based learning may come in different forms and roots. When we explored the trails at Royal Roads I realized that play for us and children can look the same and different. Play can come from the approach of place based learning, centres, and many more day to day activities that children experience.

Ask yourself what do you consider to be play? Is play really that different for children and adults? How might we continue play through out intermediate grades?

As students move through the school system it is evident that play is slowly removed from students daily routines and is left to be done during children’s free time. We wonder why students lose creativity and struggle with coming up with ideas and inspiration. This is partially due to the fact that we take away play, and build these perimeters  of how students need to think.

Arrival at Royal Roads University
Hatley Castle
Partnership with Lindsy Friendship on this Inquiry on Inquiry of Play in a Primary Setting
The Castle
What is inquiry? What do you know/think?
In action creating a Mind Map
Our own Inquiry on Inquiry – Developing Questions
Our own Inquiry on Inquiry- Developing Questions
Our own Inquiry on Inquiry- Developing Questions
Our own Inquiry on Inquiry- Developing Questions
Knowledge Building Circle- Prompts for your class that you can slowly incorporate. This is a very helpful tool to have with Primary children, as visuals will be a huge benefit.
Royal Roads University trails
Royal Roads University trails
Lindsy and I enriching our Professional Learning
The End of our two day workshop

Lets make a shift!


2 thoughts on “Natural Curiosity & LSF Workshop

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    1. I believe that it is important that we as educator provide opportunities to our students that encourage them to be naturally curious. Some ways that we can do that would be to focus on student centred learning where we are guiding our students through process, and encouraging their questioning of the things we are exploring.

      Play is a great way to keep students curious because of the ample forms comes in. We can keep students curious by embracing their wonders and curiosities in learning approaches that are real and applicable to students daily lives. Inquiry has been a hot topic in the education world for a while now. The reason why we have paired it with play is because of the process its provides to students. Allowing students to discover things for themselves, and go through the process of trial error will encourage students to continue to explore and improve the process.

      Visit these sites for more information: (This link will take you to many different videos, one that really shows the process of inquiry and curiosity is the Gravity video)

      Enjoy! 🙂


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